Blue Moon Burlesque

There is so much good burlesque to report about, especially since we are on the eve of the New York Burlesque Festival. This one, however, caught my attention immediately. Posted by Dame CuchiFita, a fantastic NY burlesque performer, it recounts the adventures that occur when an artist (Jesse Gelaznik) invites a burlesque star (Ms. CuchiFrita) to go into the woods to do a site-specific art installation. Burlesque and Art powers combined.

Then, of course, there are such wonderful moments like this, courtesy of Mr. Gelaznik:

A moose came up to my tent at 4 AM a few nights ago and scared the shit out of me. I just laid in my sleeping bag and clutched a machete, scared shitless. 

Not every burlesque performance can claim that.

Blue Moon Burlesque (via Vice Magazine)