A Gin-Soaked Boy Revisited


Film Comment reposted their eighties’ Barfly interview with Charles Bukowski. Aside from talk of the film and the usual factoids about everyone’s favorite slum poet, some beautiful moments of truth arise, a reminder of the power of the creative process.

Things like:

The only thing that amounts to a writer is the next line you’re going to write down


I’ve never written for money; I’ve written just because of an imbecilic urge.

Or this hard little number:

Nothing’s free. There’s always problems, there’s always tragedy, madness, bullshit.

Read the full interview here:

Film Comment: Charles Bukowski Interview

What if Alfred Hitchcock Made Superhero Movies?

The folks over at Propeller came up with this fun idea… they took classic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock films and reinterpreted them using modern-day superhero movie characters.

“North By Northwest” starring Hal Jordan and Sinestro

Here’s one with Willem Defoe… an actor that would have been right at home in a Hitchcock film.

“Dial M For Murder” starring Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn

What If…Alfred Hitchcock Had Made Superhero Movies?

Writing and Filing

Here’s an interesting item I found about Phyllis Diller: she kept all of her jokes in a big filing cabinet.

A large, Steelmaster-brand beige metal cabinet contains jokes that comedienne Phyllis Diller used to create her unique solo stand-up comedy routines. Forty-eight drawers hold thousands of 3” x 5” x 5” white index cards, each bearing a typewritten joke. Drawers are labeled with topical headings and arranged in alphabetical order. Headings range from “Accessories” to “Washing.” Large segments of the file are devoted to material about the mythical characters of her husband “Fang” and neighbor “Mrs. Clean.”

How great of a writing approach is that? I’m reminded of the equally-interesting approached revealed in the Paris Review interview with Gay Talese (writer best known for the Esquire article “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold”). He wrote all his pieces on the cardboard that comes from dry-cleaned shirts.

But, seriously. That filing cabinet, wow. If only all creative types were that organized.

Watch a Smithsonian video about her filing system